Our Sponsors

The 13th annual Seattle Salsa Congress wants to thank its sponsors for the invaluable support they've provided to make the event happen. Together, we will contribute to the popularization of salsa and set new unattainable standards. We're proud to present a program that local companies support.

Vue Lounge

When it's a night out in Seattle, VUE Lounge is the place to be. This nightclub has an ambiance that is both chic and modern, with an exclusive sense of luxury. Its extensive music library, skilled bartenders, and exceptional table service are here to make your night out the one you will remember.

15M Finance

15M Finance is a loan-finding company that provides financial support to underserved people and communities. The service does its best to help borrowers find the right lenders regardless of their credit scores. Its personalized approach, modern security services, competitive offers, and fast funding times make it a must-try for people who find themselves in need of fast cash.

Seattle Credit Union

Seattle Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution that has been serving its members for over 90 years. It puts the success of its members first and plays the role of a community partner, helping it prosper and grow. Seattle Credit Union provides modern, high-quality financial products and services designed to assist people in reaching their bold financial goals.

Live 2 Dance

Live 2 Dance is a dance school with a passion for dancing and providing people with positive physical, mental, and social health benefits. Its main goal is to not only promote dance as a cardiovascular workout but also build communities, reduce stress, and spread happiness through our fun and energizing Indian fused dance routines. Live 2 Dance does it by promoting Bollywood and Indian culture across the nation.

Seattle's Best Coffee

Seattle's Best Coffee is a place where you can get the best smooth tasting cup of coffee, with 100% of coffee beans coming from Arabica trees. The company has perfected its signature roasting process while living up to its name and staying true to its roots in stores across the country.