Interested in Performing?

This event will be filled with salsa professionals from across the world! It will be an excellent opportunity to share the same stage, in front of the largest audience in the Northwest! At the Seattle Salsa Congress we hold our dance shows to the highest level of quality. Therefore, you need approval to register your team for performing at the Seattle Salsa Congress. To obtain approval, please fill out the contact form and send information about yourself and/or your dance team with details of your performance and a link to your latest online video clip. Once approval has been obtained, you will receive further instructions.

Performers Pass

9The Performer Pass price is $125 until November 16, 2019 and $150 until November 24, 2019, when registration to perform shall be closed. If you have already been approved to perform, we recommend that you keep the length of your performances to: 3 minutes for groups, 2 minutes for couples and 1.5 minute for solo acts. And practice, practice, practice and take pride of what you put on the stage. Good luck!