We are excited to announce the 11th Annual Seattle Salsa Congress! Once again this Thanksgiving weekend top-level performing artists and renowned instructors from around the world will come together in the beautiful city of Seattle for what will be a fabulous celebration of music and dance! Through our dedication to top quality entertainment and instruction, together with your support, the Seattle Salsa Congress has earned an excellent reputation and today is a premier congress that everyone wants to attend!
Our dance training program is presented by famous artists sharing their knowledge and talent with you and the various instruction options are designed to satisfy different interests and dance levels.

  • The Dream Workshops, our most popular pass, are geared towards intermediate and advanced dancers and it will include a variety of salsa, bachata and kizomba workshops.
  • The Beginner Bootcamp is for total beginners who want to get acquainted with salsa and bachata so they can quickly get on the dance floor.
  • The Bachata and Kizomba Bootcamps are geared for intermediate and advanced dancers, and are designed to offer focused training specifically for those dances.
  • The Launchpad, led by Mambo Diva Griselle Ponce, is an intensive training program designed for advanced/semi-pro/and pro level dancers who want to be challenged and taken into a different level, culminating in a stage performance during the congress.

Our unique workshops are thoughtfully crafted to improve your technical skills, at whichever level you are in your dance journey.