Dream Workshops

Our Dream Workshops offer excellent dance instruction, taught by famous artists sharing their knowledge and talent with you. Our signature two-hour workshops are thoughtfully crafted to improve your technical skills and guaranteed to take your dancing to a whole new level. Note: schedule is subject to change.

Yamulee Challenge: 12pm – 3pm Evergreen Ballroom.
Jessica Challenge: 3pm – 5pm Evergreen Ballroom.

In addition to the Dream Workshops, we are offering two separate class programs. These are highly technical classes, 1.5 hours each day, and they are carefully selected to offer essential skills that will help you understand and become more familiar with dance concepts, such the way your body moves through space. Take advantage of these classes, space is limited.

Value: The cost is $25 per day or $60 for all three days. Please email ricobravo@msn.com to be added to the registration list. Pay cash at the registration desk after 12 noon.

Master Class: Circular Drawing Movement Technique, taught by Alexis Zanetti (Cuba), is a combination of Cuban Modern Dance, Afro Cuban Dances, and Cuban-Contemporary dance technique characterized by fluid, continuous and organic movements. The level will be intermediate-advanced.

Womanity is a unique style of dance created by Maria Ramos (New York) that infuses all forms of feminine movement. This will take ladies styling to a different level and will improve your strength as an individual dancer or performer while also bringing sexy, fun moves and make you grow as a social dancer.

Rico Bravo’s philosophy: “You have to learn how to move before you can dance. As you move your body through space, you will learn to balance your center, and how to take the proper angle to transition between moves. And every time you repeat a movement, you are reconditioning your body and mind to execute on demand. Perfect practice makes perfect.”