Frequently Asked Questions

What is a salsa congress?

Literally speaking, a congress is a gathering of people. The Seattle Salsa Congress is a gathering of some of the finest performers, instructors, and DJs in the world… and, of course, you’re included. The festivities take place all under one roof. The touch of an elevator button takes you to and from your hotel room. The Grand Ballroom will meet your expectations of what a special event should be. This is a happening that has put Seattle on the map as a hot spot for salsa.

What level of dancers attend a congress?

Dancers of all levels and experience will attend the Seattle Salsa Congress. We are working hard to provide a well rounded experience. There is something for everyone! Our Beginners Bootcamp is for total beginners to advanced beginner while our Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba workshops are for intermediate to performance level dancers. This year we are featuring, by popular demand, exclusive Bachata and Kizomba workshops for intermediate, advanced, and pro level dancers.

What is a Bootcamp?

The bootcamp is specialized intensive training in one dance style and is usually thought by one instructor. The Beginner bootcamp is designed for beginners or for advance beginners who would like to revisit their fundamentals and decrease the learning curve. The beginners bootcamp covers all the Latin dances and is thought by one instructor. The Bachata and Kizomba Bootcamps are designed for people who are interested in either of those dances and who are looking for more advanced moves. This is to support a rather specialized community of hard core dancers called Bachateros or Kizomberos. The Launchpad is the toughest intensive pro level bootcamp, geared for people who are going to learn a dance routine in 9 hours and perform it on stage on Sunday’s evening performances.

What is a Dream Workshop?

Dream Workshops are designed for intermediate and advanced dancers who want to learn different techniques from top accredited world class instructors. The Dream Workshops covers a wide range of technical information on Footwork, Patterns, Connections, Lead and Follow Techniques, Styling, Afro Cuban Moves, Body Isolation, Partnerwork, Lifts and Tricks, etc. This is the best value compared to other events and the quality of our instructors. It is a DREAM having MANY world class Artists under one roof. Treat yourself to something amazing.

Do I need a partner?

No, even people who come with partners prefer to rotate during workshops. It gives people the opportunity to experience different leads and follows and learn from them. And it’s a great way to break the ice before the evening activities.

What do you wear to a Salsa congress?

For the workshops you’ll want to dress cool and comfortable, as for athletic activities.  When evening comes, the lights go down and the spotlight is now on you.  This is a class act and your chance to shine.  Dress to impress.

Is there food?

Yes, there is the Doubletree restaurant. And there are many dining establishments across the street of the hotel (Subway, Dennys, Jack in the Box etc). Rico Bravo loves to eat at 13 coins (5.5 blocks East of the Doubletree).

Is there alcohol?

The hotel has a main bar in the lounge area and during the evening dance shows and social dancing we will have mini-bars around the ballrooms. And you are in luck, there is a WA liquor establishment just across the street of the hotel.

I’m under 21. Can I still get in?

Yes. The Seattle Salsa Congress is an all ages event.

What about parking?

All day self-parking parking is available at the hotel for only $10, yet more savings that Rico Bravo was able to negotiate. Guests who reserve a room at the hotel are afforded free parking.

What about evening and individual day tickets?

We want to create a pleasant learning experience for those of you who want to take the workshops. Therefore, the first wave of ticket sales will be for those who want to participate and are up to the experience. We will also offer All Evening passes (good for all three evenings) available for purchase online. All Day passes (good for one day same night) and individual evening passes will be available at the door, subject to capacity.

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