“The Fastest Most Fun Way to Learn Latin Dance”

Beginners Bootcamp

Our signature Beginner Bootcamp is taught by an accredited dance instructor and has had an incredible success since 2006 when we first introduced it.  We set a limit to the total number of leads and follows to maintain a balanced, quality learning experience.  This Bootcamp has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of Latin dance in a fun and easy to understand way to get you dancing confidently in just three days. Whether you are a total beginner with “two left feet” or an advanced beginner, you are guaranteed to improve your dancing skills. The pass you purchase for this program also includes access to all the evening events. You will have the opportunity to watch world-class performances and also practice your new moves with other students and dancers during the social dance parties. This is an incredible value and we SOLD OUT every year! The feedback we received is that it’s worth every dollar and then some.  Not only will you learn salsa and bachata in three days, but you will also have an experience of a lifetime while making new friends. Let go of any inhibitions and it may change your life!

Bachata Bootcamp

Over the past years, bachata has exploded across the globe. It is sexy, sensual, and romantic in a way that perfectly complements other Latin dances. So, it makes sense to introduce intermediate dancers to a whole new level of expertise. We set a limit to the total number of leads and follows to maintain a balanced, quality learning experience. If you want to develop confidence and improve your dancing skills our Bachata Bootcamp is for you. This bootcamp is taught over 3 days, 5 hours per day, and consists of intermediate and advanced bachata intensive training, designed to improve your skills and master the rhythm of this smooth and sensual dance.  Learn how to properly connect with your partner by applying proper lead and follow techniques.  Add more advanced turn patterns and syncopated footwork to your repertoire.  You will be learning from professional accomplished instructors guaranteed to elevate your dancing to a whole new level while having an experience of a lifetime.

Kizomba Bootcamp

Kizomba has exploded across the globe. The music and dance originated in Angola. It mixes influences of traditional semba with Angolan merengue and kilapanda (traditional Angolan music.)  From these roots, kizomba music emerged as a more modern music genre with a sensual touch, mixed with African rhythms. Kizomba, the music, coupled with movement, will capture your soul like no other dance. Fall in love with a most sensual dance and be a part of the kizomba dance movement in the Northwest. We want to advance the growth of the local Kizomba community by introducing the kizomberos to a whole new level of expertise. We are offering five hours of training per day, totaling 15 hours of high quality instructional classes. We set a limit to the total number of leads and follows to maintain a balanced, quality learning experience. You will be learning from a great lineup of accomplished instructors, guaranteed to provide you the skills that will elevate your dancing, while having the experience of a lifetime.


The Bootcamp program is geared for dedicated dancers who are interested in intensive training and also for those who want to revisit their fundamentals. Each Bootcamp will have their own dedicated ballroom for classes of five hours per day, totaling 15 hours of training.  Most dance schools charge $15 an hour and up. Our Bootcamps are for 15 hours total, that is just about $10 dollars per hour.  In addition, all the evening events are INCLUDED – spectacular dance shows and social dancing parties, thus saving you approximately $100, the value of a three-night evening pass by itself.  But most important, and something you can’t put any price on, is all the FUN you’re going to have! Thanksgiving weekend will never be the same.  The Bootcamp pass you purchase is truly a bargain and an incredible value! This is 3 days and 3 nights of FUN and EXCITEMENT, we are confident you will love it!  Don’t wait until the last minute, you snooze you lose.  Limited space available. It will sell out! – Buy NOW!!


Registration for any Bootcamp begins at 10 am each day at its respective ballroom. Please do not register before 10 am as it is possible that the lines for the Dream Pass will be extremely long. Thanks for your cooperation. See schedule below….